Lisa Myrtice (lalalalisa) wrote in youngmommys,
Lisa Myrtice

cheap baby food.

If this isn't allowed herer just let me knwo i will delete it.
Glass Jars
1 Gerber Stage 1 Zucchini expires June 07
1 Beech Nut Stage 1 Turkey & Turkey Broth expires May 08
1 Beech Nut Stage 1 Chicken & Chicken broth Expires Jan 08
1 Beech Nut Stage 1 Carrots expires Feb 08
1 Del Monte natures goodness Stage 1 Pears expires Feb 08
1 Gerber Stage 2 Squash Expires Oct 07
1 Gerber Stage 2 Sweet potatoes expires Oct 07

Plastic Gerber food containers ( I believe these are all stage 2)
2 Pear/pineapple Feb 07
4 Applesauce Nov 06 & April 07
3 Pears March 07 & Jan 07
2 Peaches expires Jan 07 & May 07
1 Carrots expires Nov 06
1 peas expires oct 06
2 Apple/Stawberry/Banana expires March 07
1 Prunes with apples expires April 07
2 Banana/mixed berries expires April 07

1 Package of Gerber single grain Oatmeal cereal for baby Expires April 07

These are all sealed/ never opened. They will be shipped priority because i'm not comfortable shipping glass jars/food anything any slower. As most of you know these foods can get expensive in the store so this is a stteal! :) My daughter just won't eat baby goof anymore, she wants to feed herself, and isn't so good with a spoon, hehe. Price is $18, that includes shipping, add a $1 if your paying with a credit card through Paypal, I prefer paypal but will take a money order or well concealed cash if you don't have pay pal.

This is x-posted, First response in my e-mail takes it! :)
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